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My Medical Folder

Oncology Folder

Oncology Folder

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Our Oncology Folder is tailored to support individuals and families navigating the complexities of cancer treatment. It allows you to easily organise medical records, treatment plans, and appointments.


My Medical Folder is a valuable resource for those diagnosed with a chronic illness, disability, elderly, carers and family members. Keeping everything together to tell your medical story will also benefit allied health professionals and first responders in an emergency. 

Designed to keep your current and relevant medical information and reports in one place, as well as a legal section to file Enduring Guardianship, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advanced Care Directives and other legal documents should they be relevant to you.

What's included

What's included with your purchase

  • Your Portfolio size My Medical Folder
  • Tab page dividers set of 12 extra wide Heavy duty
  • Detailed information sheets to complete
  • Appointment Charts pack 25
  • Observation Charts pack 10
  • Monthly Calendar pack 12 

Table of Contents:

  • About Me
  • Medical History
  • Family Medical History
  • Medications
  • Medical Team
  • Operations & Procedures
  • Correspondence
  • Medical Reports
  • Immunisation 
  • Diet
  • Community Care
  • Legal
  • Miscellaneous
  • Appointments

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