Hello nice to meet you.....

I'm Louise and My Medical Folder has been a passion of love in the making since my sister Joanne's stage 4 diagnosis for nasal cavity cancer in October 2021. As a full-time carer, I was overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude and responsibility of keeping everything together and organised.
Creating my own personal folder to manage medical appointments, reports and correspondence I soon realised the need to build on this and create a resource that would help manage and organise information for others diagnosed with complex ongoing medical conditions, and feeling the same emotional overwhelm as I did. 
My main objective was to keep current up to date and relevant information together which could be also easily accessible and identifiable to other family members, first responders and allied health professionals if needed. One of my favorite section of the folder is our Legal area to file documents completed by professionals eg: Enduring Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship, Advanced Care Directives. The folder is streamlined making it easy to follow and retrieve information quickly.  
My wish is that others will benefit from this recourse to relieve some of those stresses when faced with illness.